Distinguished professionals advancing interprofessional healthcare by fostering collaboration and advocating policies in the best interest of individuals and communities.


National Academies of Practice will lead and exemplify interprofessional healthcare that promotes and preserves health and well-being.


NAP's current strategic plan focuses on three core goals to advance the association. We refer to them as the 'three C's': Culture, Clarity, and Community


The National Academies of Practice (NAP), as an interprofessional organization representing multiple health professions is guided by and propagates four core values.  These serve as the central tenets for all our official actions. Our core values are:

  • Collaboration: In order to fulfill NAP’s vision and mission we foster a work ethic of interprofessional collaboration that is based upon learning with, from and about NAP members of all academies. We advocate and advance similar collaborative health care and education models.
  • Patient-Centeredness: Optimal health care is patient centered. Public Policy, Scholarship and Health Care Practice must be patient-centric, and in the best interest, and inclusive of individuals, families, and communities. NAP supports its members in developing and disseminating best practice models, public policies and scholarship that enhance interprofessional collaborative care for all individuals.
  • Inclusivity: NAP embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the organization for our members and the stakeholders we advocate for and serve. We strive to support the development and implementation of models that ensure appropriate and equitable health care for all. We value and promote the contributions of all our diverse constituent members.
  • InterconnectednessWe foster connections within and between academies and among members of all groups. We support and target initiatives that are designed to maximize these interprofessional interconnections to advance patient/client-centered public policies, scholarship and interprofessional collaborative care. Our collective, interconnected experience, education and wisdom will take us further together than individually.